These delish nuggets of total YUM are easily made with just 3 ingredients! It takes a little time to spread the cream cheese and do the actual rolling up, but they taste so good you won’t mind a bit! The salami provides the right amount of savory, the cream cheese gives it a smooth easy character and the pepperoncini packs a small punch of vinegar that creates the perfect combo in your mouth!

Salami roll-up ingredients
cream cheese spread
rolled salami
Roll-ups done

Simple is the name of the game with these roll-ups – they are great to put out for a crowd, and you can make them a day or two, or three ahead if you like. Keeping it low-carb & Keto-friendly? No problem! These will do the trick!

The roll-ups are so easy to do – you can probably figure it out by looking at the photos, but for the full recipe, just see below!

Slamin’ Salami Roll-ups

Course Appetizer
Keyword cream cheese, pepperoncini, roll-ups, salami
Author Wendy Miller


  • 1 package pre-sliced salami
  • 1 package 8 oz cream cheese – room temp
  • 1 jar sliced pepperoncini


  • Spread about 1/2 a tbsp of the room temp cream cheese with a butter knife onto individual slices of salami. Put 2 – 3 slices of pepperoncini (just depends on their size – you just want them to go to each end) and put them at the edge of one side, and then roll them up!

On a side note, I did not make this recipe up! It came from a friend of a friend, and once I tried them I just kept them as a part of my repertoire – we entertain so frequently at our mountain house I keep the ingredients on hand in case I want to throw them together last minute.

And – I do them so often now I just thought it was proper and right to share them – no need to keep this secret! I hope you enjoy them too!